In the early days, when the internet just started, blogs used to be personal where people write about their experiences and also share some of their photos and links. With the advancement of the internet, blogs have emerged as informational sites that help people get answers to their problems.

In this competitive world, everyone started blogging to grow their business or to increase the fan base for their personal brand or rank their websites on Google. And, slowly blogging has become a source of earning passive money too.

Do you know that you can earn money from your blog?

Yes, you can make good money from your blog.

But, It’s not easy to make money through all blogs. You should have constant traffic coming to your blog. And, For having regular traffic, you need to find and write blogs on trending niches that would be easier to find the audience.

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By the end of this article, you will know the best blogging niches where you need to focus on that would make passive money for you in 2022.

But, before going into the types of blogs that make money, Let’s understand what a niche is and why you need to find a niche for your blog.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a particular topic or focus area that you can choose to write for your blog. For example, if your niche is about fashion. In that case, you can write all the topics that are related to fashion,  such as beauty tips, fashion outfits, etc. Or if your niche is about travelling, then you can write about travel destinations, best holiday packages, etc.

Do you think that,

Why do I need a niche? Do we need a niche to be successful in blogging?”

Well, now we’ll see why you need to stick to a niche.

Why do you need to stick to a niche?

There is no rule that you need to stick to a niche but, writing in a single niche helps you to

Find Target Audience

You can find a perfect target audience that resonates with your content and helps to establish a strong connection with them. And also, as your target audience shares similar characteristics,  you can quickly get more traffic to your blogs.

Become an expert

Practice makes us perfect, right?

Similarly, if you write a blog in a particular niche, you will research more on the topic, which makes you gain more knowledge in that area. So, you can get a lot of expertise in that topic faster when compared to writing on several topics at a time.

Types of Blogs That Make Money

By now, you might have understood the importance of sticking to a niche. Now, let’s find out the best blogging niches and trending topics in that particular niche.

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Fashion and Beauty
  4. Educational Blog
  5. LifeStyle
  6. Food and Recipes Blog
  7. Travel
  8. Electronic Gadgets

1. Health and Fitness

Health Fitness Blog

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Do you remember the proverb “Health is wealth”? As it says, health is the most important thing in everyone’s life.

72% of internet searches are related to Health and fitness topics.

It comes out as no surprise, as more people are trying to come out of their unhealthy eating habits. And many people are becoming more concerned about their health and fitness.

Health and Fitness bloggers write about health care tips, diet and nutrition plans, home workouts, weight loss, etc. Apart from that, they also write about fitness equipment and mental wellbeing.

Trending topics in Health and Fitness Niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Health and Fitness niche

  1. How to stay healthy and stronger in Pandemic times
  2. Tips for Home Workouts
  3. Yoga and Meditation
  4. How to develop good sleep habits
  5. Tips for Mental well being
  6. Fitness tips for 40+ aged people
  7. Tips to stay physically flexible and mentally strong for employees
  8.  Importance of workouts
  9. Vegan and Low-fat foods

2. Personal Finance

Personal Finance Blog

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After health, wealth is the next most important thing in a human’s life. Everyone wants to make more money, and some do that by creating a passive income source, some do by investing in stocks, some people do that by saving and buying assets, and some do by minimising their expenses.

With a lot of options and no lack of proper guidance and knowledge in passive income, many people are forced to take a step back before investing.

So, If you have the proper knowledge or good experience in that area, starting a personal finance blog is a good one, as the search for financial advice never ends.

Personal finance bloggers educate people on money managing techniques/methods such as saving money, investing, budgeting or banking terminologies, etc. Additionally, they write about how to make money online and personal finance schemes.

Trending topics in Personal Finance Niche:

These are some of the trending topics in the Personal Finance Niche that you can start writing about

  1. How to tackle money challenges for students
  2. Banking and investing Tips to invest wisely for beginners
  3. Suggestions for retirement planning
  4. Financial schemes and loans for students
  5. Finance mistake and myths
  6. Debt clearing strategies
  7. How to organise money and spend wisely

3. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion Blog

Image Source

In this self-conscious era, where people want to look good at all times, the fashion and beauty niche is one of the best niches to start a blog. These days, everyone wants to have the best outfits and updated with fashion trends.

Unlike the other niches, the fashion niche doesn’t need any valid information; for example, if you are writing about health, you need to double-check the facts. But, as a fashion blogger, all you need is, you should have a unique style and a great fashion sense.

As fashion trends change every day, there is no question that this niche would go down in the coming years.

Fashion bloggers write about fashion trends, makeup tips, and tutorials, best collections, etc. On top of that, they also tell their audience about fashion shows and notify them about brand sales.

Trending topics in Fashion and Beauty Niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Fashion and beauty niche that you can write about

  1. Different types of outfits for Men and Women
  2. DIY(Do It Yourself) Tips for Home Makeup
  3. Budget fashion tips
  4. Lists of best accessories for Women and Men
  5. Themed outfits and makeup styles
  6. Recommending fashion shows, celebrities and magazines to follow to stay updated with the trends.

4. Educational blog

Educational blog

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While learning a new technology or software, you’re stuck at some point, what you’ll do?

You’ll Google it, right? So, when you Google, there will be a lot of blogs coming up and giving you the possible answers to your doubts. Those blogs are called educational/tutorial blogs.

The educational blogging niche is an evergreen niche, as people want to learn new skills every day. If you are an expert at a particular area or if you have a certain amount of knowledge on a specific subject or a tool you can straightaway start a blog on it.

Educational bloggers write about software tools, business, and marketing strategies, Management topics, and a lot of emerging new technologies.

Trending topics in Educational blogs niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Educational blog niche

  1. User Experience design tools like AdobeXd, Figma, etc
  2. Website builder tools like WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.
  3. Digital Marketing models like SEO, Content Writing, Email marketing, etc.
  4. Graphic design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc
  5. Microsoft products
  6. Programming languages such as Python, R, React, etc
  7. How to start a successful startup
  8. Automation technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, etc.

5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blog

Image Source

What is a lifestyle niche? What comes under a lifestyle niche?

Any guesses?

A lifestyle niche is writing about everything in one’s daily life that is connected to a specific set of audiences. For example, if you are an IT employee, you can write about the food IT professionals need to eat to stay healthy. You can also write about the outfit they need to wear to look Professionally. Additionally, you can write about weekend holiday recommendations, movie lists that connect and resonate with them. 

Simply, as a lifestyle blogger, you can write anything from A to Z that happens in a set of people’s daily life.

Trending topics in Lifestyle Niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Lifestyle niche that you can write about

  1. Everything about Pregnant Women
  2. Parenting tips
  3. Advice on relationship
  4. Everything about Vegan culture
  5. Tips for Freelancers and outsourcing employees
  6. Growth suggestions for entrepreneurs
  7. Work-life balance tips for employees
  8. Exploring career opportunities  for Students

6.Food and Recipes Blog

Food blog

Image Source

Who doesn’t love food? Food is one of the three basic needs of a human being.

When anyone wants to cook a new dish, the first thing most people do is find the dish’s recipe on Google, or if they’re going to find a new place to eat, the first thing they’ll do is a google search about the best restaurants in their area.

So, if you’re the type of person who wants to try new dishes every time you go out or if you’re a cooking expert, then you can start a food blog without any second thought as the food niche is an ever-growing one and you will find an audience more and more in the coming days.

Food bloggers write about the new dishes and recipes, restaurant lists and reviews, nutrition plans, and diets.

Trending topics in Food and Recipes niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Food and Recipe niche

  1. Best foods based on cuisine such as Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, etc.
  2. Dishes to try in local restaurants
  3. Cooking recipes and tips for beginners
  4. Dishes to cook or to try for vegans
  5. How to cook low oil foods
  6. Energy foods for post-workout sessions
  7. Energy supplements present in a dish
  8. Recommending best cooking recipe books
  9. Seasonal recipes such as winter foods, summed drinks, etc


Travel blog

Image Source

Those days were gone when people used to ask their neighbours about new places where to stay and what to eat in a new place. Nowadays, when people want to go to a new place for a holiday, they just search for the best holiday tours on the internet and gather information about the places.

As travel to a destination is an escape from people’s daily life, the searches related to travel blogs won’t end.

While writing for a travel blog, having a passion for exploring new places will help you to get more information about those places and also having your own images on the blog will bring traffic to the blogs.

Travel bloggers write about travel destinations, hotels and restaurants in that place. Additionally, they also review travel gear and notify the audience about the best travel deals.

Trending topics in the Travel niche

Here are some of the trending topics in the Travel niche

  1. Precautions for safe travel outdoors
  2. Best weekend trips for employees
  3. List of International vacations for families and office groups
  4. Budget trips for students
  5. Holidays deals and offers by hotels, Airways, etc.
  6. Recommending the best travel gear  for travel freaks
  7. Must-try food in particular destinations
  8. Travel bucket list
  9. Tips to save money while travelling
  10. Travel checklists for particular places

8.Electronic Gadgets blog

Gadget Review Blog

Image Source

When was the last time you’ve bought a gadget without reading its reviews? Not long ago, right? Not only you, but it has also become a habit for everyone to read reviews before buying them.

So, there is no better time than now to start a review blog. If you’re tech-savvy, it is recommended to start writing reviews of electronic gadgets.

Technology updates every day, so are we. Everyone wants to be updated with their gadgets, so the thirst for buying a device never ends, which in turn increases the audience for gadget review blogs.

Gadget bloggers write reviews of smartphones, tablets, headsets, laptops, computers, and gaming accessories. Additionally, they write about the upcoming releases or how to solve bugs in the previous releases.

Trending topics in Electronic Gadgets Niche

These are some of the trending topics in the Electronic Gadgets niche

  1. Best gaming accessories for people who play video games
  2. Review of Smartphones and their accessories
  3. Bug fixes and updates on upcoming releases
  4. Unboxing of electronic gadgets
  5. Configuring steps for Home automation devices
  6. Comparison of electronic gadgets
  7. Tips for better performances of gadgets
  8. Notifying Deals and offers by companies

So, these are the different types of blogs that make money in 2022. Now you may think “If I write about any one of the best blogging niches, I can earn money?” No, these are the trending topics that will have a high search volume. But, to bring in people to your blog, you need to consider this.

Things to keep in mind while writing a blog

To get good traffic and rank higher in search results, you need to be aware of certain factors while writing your blog. These factors will help you to make the audience visit and read your blog, which in turn gets you to earn good money.

1.Solve People’s problems

The primary purpose of your blog should be solving people’s problems rather than earning money because people will continue to come again and again to read your blog only when you provide a solution to their problem.

2. Search for Content Gaps

The content gap is the space between the audience’s problem and the solution that they’re getting.  Simply, people couldn’t get the right answers to their questions on the internet.

For example, if you’re searching “How to create a website using WordPress” and if the results are not related to the WordPress topic, then it means that there are no blogs/websites that write content for this particular problem. So this absence of the solution is termed a content gap.

So, searching for content gaps and writing for those topics helps you rank on Google faster as there is no similar content present, and people will visit your blog as you provide a solution for their problem.

3. Optimised blog

 No one wants to visit a blog that takes more time to load or that annoys them with more pop-ups or ads. So, optimisation is the most critical thing when it comes to user experience.

Your blog should load fast, and it should be designed in such a way that the user should not feel irritated while reading the content with the pop-ups or notifications, etc.

4. Perfect Headlines

Everyone reads the headline on search results before clicking on your blog. After reading your headline, they should feel that your blog is going to help them.

So, you need to craft a proper headline that resembles the content that you’ve written, and it should give an idea to the audience about what solutions they can receive from your blog.

5.Engaging Content

You need to make your audience comfortable and feel great while reading your content. They need to read your content till the end of your blog without closing it. For that, you need to write engaging content.

Tips to write Engaging content

Tips for writing engaging content:

  • Tell a story
  • Write Short paragraphs
  • Use Images in between the paragraphs
  • Ask them questions to keep them active.
  • Use Graphs, statistics, and bullet points whenever it is needed.

6. Write Consistently

While maintaining a blog, consistency plays a vital role in ranking your blog on search engines and building trust in your audience.

If you write blogs consistently, people will be visiting you more often and they’ll remember your blog easily. If people visit your blog, more and more Search engines will boost you up on the search results as they think that your content is valuable and reliable.

How to Make Money by Blogging

You can earn money from your blog by

1) Placing ads on your blog using Ad networks

2) Promoting other company’s products on your blog

3) Writing reviews about other company’s products

In addition to these, they are four more ways to earn money from your blog.


And that’s the list of types of blogs that will make money in 2022. These are the best blogging niches that have huge markets which in turn gets you good traffic.

Before starting a blog, you need to select a niche that you are confident and passionate enough to write content about and solve your audience’s problems. It is advised not to switch between niches as you may lose your potential target audience. So, take some time and go through the list once again and take a niche and start writing on it.

For a blog, the income depends upon two things, one is your niche which you’ve already chosen and the other one is your blog’s traffic. So, if you want to know how to increase your blog’s traffic, you can follow the strategies mentioned in our blog How to Increase traffic to your blog.

Another common way of generating traffic to your website is to run advertisements, not just on websites, but on social media like Facebook. So, check our video tutorial on How to Run Facebook ads to increase the traffic to your website.

And for more such video tutorials on customizing your WordPress website, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What types of blogs make the most money?

There are literally countless topics one can write a blog on. However, these blog niches make the most money compared to others,

  1. Health and Fitness 
  2. Personal Finance 
  3. Fashion and Beauty 
  4. Educational Blog 
  5. LifeStyle 
  6. Food and Recipes Blog 
  7. Travel 
  8. Electronic Gadgets
  1. How do bloggers get paid?

The most common way by which bloggers make money is by placing ads on their websites using Google Adsense. These ads can either be CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression) depending on the network. Also, bloggers can write reviews for other products and get paid through that.

  1. How do personal blogs make money?

Personal blogs can make money through three ways on their websites,

  1. Placing Ads on the website
  2. Include Affiliate links in blogs
  3. Promote/Review other company’s products
  1. What type of blogs will be in demand in 2022?

The types of blogs that will be of the most demand in 2022 are,

  • Health and Fitness blogs
  • Technical blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Travel blogs
  1. What are the basic tips to write a blog that makes money?

With several blog niches that can make money on the Internet, there are certain traits that are common among all the money-making niches. So, the basic tips to write money-making blogs are,

  • Solve People problems
  • Search for Content gaps
  • Write Perfect Headlines
  • Create engaging content
  1. Can you make money with a free WordPress blog?

It is not quite easy to monetize a free WordPress blog compared to a paid one. In fact, you may not even get approval from Google Adsense to place ads on the website. However, you can still make money by directly selling the products on the blog, and also through affiliate links.

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