Website Learners was recently interviewed by Website Planet. And our team got an opportunity to share about how we started, our background story, and our vision for the future for the first time.

Website Planet is one of the biggest platforms to find trusted web hosting reviews, avail vetted services, and learn the latest in website design.

Here are the 6 questions answered by our founder, Shyam Sundar:

What we do

At Website Learners, Our main goal is to help you build websites without any hassle. We make creating a website as easy and accessible as possible for everyone. On our YouTube channel we teach web-design to our viewers who are beginners and don’t have the time to learn coding. Currently we offer web-hosting services through our product WebSpaceKit & our Ready-made website platform MakeYourWP. In Addition to that, we also offer courses on WordPress for people who want to learn more about web-design.

Story Behind Website Learners

The idea for Website Learners started when I was watching a video tutorial on ‘how to make a website’ which had a ton of views on YouTube a couple of years back. While watching, I felt the quality of the video could be much improved, to save viewers time & also increase their confidence that they are capable of doing it. So this sparked the idea for the 1st video we made & published. It took around a month to make a 5 minute video and when we published it, the video took off and became the top video for the search ‘how to make a website’ both on YouTube & Google. That is when we knew that we had something great in our hands & decided to launch a dedicated channel ‘website learners’ for teaching technical things which people often find it hard to do.

Mission Of Website Learners

Our main goal with WebsiteLearners is to make building websites simpler & easier for everyone. We want to make Learning as simple as possible and make it easy for people to do the things they want to accomplish online.

Our Customers & the Problem we’re trying to solve

For WebSpaceKit – our typical customers are people who run their business via e-commerce sites, blogs & website developers. We take care of their business by making their website run smoothly, with 99.9% uptime, and customise the hosting environment for high performance.

For MakeYourWP – When trying to build a site in the traditional way with WordPress, there are a lot of steps involved to make the site look good, and get it to work the way we want it. With MakeYourWP, we have customised blueprints that are made available for an individual business. So a business who is in need of a website with a set of features can easily start providing their services, without designing a website from scratch. With MakeYourWP you can launch ready-made websites in 1-click. Customers can launch a professionally designed website with all the essential features in minutes & be ready to go.

Trends of the Future

With my experience building Website Learners, I’ve got to say online learning is growing at an extremely rapid pace especially since the impact of covid. We’ve seen this impact directly on our YouTube channel with the burgeoning increase in video views and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

Also Students of this generation are tired of book-based learning & want to learn directly from the experts in the industry through hands-on practical learning. So at Website Learners, we’re looking to evolve into a complete e-learning platform and help school and college students learn web design & upskill their digital skills.

What’s coming up at Website Learners

We’re expanding the range of topics that we cover on our channel. And we’re going to start teaching other digital skills, like UI design, video editing & more. So stay tuned or subscribe to our channel to learn more.

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